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Success Stories

To Whom It May Concern:


I have had the opportunity to receive services from CWDR for a few years now; first in the YT program and now in the IL program. I have nothing but positive things to say about CWDR. Initially, I thought it was a place to find housing, as I was referred by someone who gave me advice on that. Initially, I felt like maybe some of the services were below my age range, but that changed very quickly. Because of CWDR, I have saved money on medications, gotten into and started my master's program, and received support in other areas of my life. CWDR has helped  me become more independent and I am forever grateful.


-G-man Denke




" Finding myself finally granted SSDI assistance, I found myself ridiculously buried in relentless paperwork as well.  Endless verifications, RE-verifications, & countless insurance issues, monthly summaries, prescription snags, EBT balance changes, medical bills & records, and on and on.  It became way too much for me to continuously and correctly navigate on my own.  All the additional clerical work involved became a very confusing and frustrating job in itself.  Having Central Washington Disability Resources (CWDR) come into the picture to help me with this paperwork hurricane was beyond helpful.  CWDR no doubt saved me from benefit failure as I no doubt couldn't keep up.  CWDR has helped me with every facet of every problem I've ever had associated with maintaining my SSDI, EBT, insurance, and medical issues as described above.  As a true "RESOURCE" for disabled people, I cannot recommend CWDR any more strongly for any complication you might have."

DSC, CWDR consumer (2020)



"Sarah (CWDR staff) brings me groceries from Safeway. She asked me to make a list of needed groceries, and she bought and delivered the food, plus paper towels and toilet paper. They paid on my phone and water bills too. With the money saved I was able to pay off a vet bill and buy firewood to heat my home."

Shawn, CWDR consumer (2020)


"They help me with rent through a stimulus package ( Cares Act Funds) which got me out of a bad situation. I lived in a motor home and shortly after I got it the engine blew up, leaving me stranded. Thanks to them I have a roof over my head and I feel safe for the first time in a long time."

TJ, CWDR Consumer (2020)


To whom it may concern:
I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Ashley and the rest of the specialists at CWDR. I am a
disabled Veteran of the Gulf War who is currently going back to school to be a Registered Nurse, and is
not able to work. I received an email from the disability office at school about this program. I reached out,
and Ashley got back to me promptly and set up an interview. I was quickly authorized to have one month
of my rent paid to help alleviate financial hardships that were brought about by a raging pandemic, and, a
government who seemed to have other priorities. This help was unexpected and much appreciated. I urge
anyone who is hurting financial, or otherwise, because of the current situation in the US, to reach out to
the CWDR team and see if they can be helped. Once again, Thank you Ashley.

A Very Grateful Veteran (2020)



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