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Core Services

All of our services are free and available to anyone that identifies as having a disability, regardless of age, gender, or national origin and status (citizens and non-citizens).

Our core services are available in the following counties: Kittitas, Douglas, Chelan, Yakima, and Grant. Services may vary depending on the County.

If you don't live in one of these counties, you can find Independent Living Centers here.

Also, view Additional Programs available.

  • Individual and Systems Advocacy

    Learn how to advocate for yourself and your community
    Learn more
  • Independent Living Skills Training

    CWDR helps you to develop skills needed to be as independent as possible in your everyday life
    Learn more
  • Information and Referrals

    CWDR helps you connect to the resources & information needed to best help you!
    Learn more
  • Peer Counseling & Peer Support

    Peer supporters serve as role models
    Learn more
  • Youth Transition Services

    Transition to secondary education or employment and much more
    Learn more
  • Institutional Transition & Diversion

    Transition from institutions into the community of your choice.
    Learn more
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