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Core Services

All of our services are free and available to anyone with a disability, regardless of age, gender, or national origin and status (citizens and non-citizens)

Our core services are available in all the counties we service: Kittitas County, Douglas County, Chelan County, Yakima County, and Grant County. are different for each county. If you don't live in one of these counties, you can find Independent Living Centers here.

Also view Local Programs available in Kittitas County.

  • Individual and Systems Advocacy

    Learn how to advocate for yourself and your community
    Learn more
  • Independent Living Skills Training

    CWDR helps you to develop skills needed to be as independent as possible in your everyday life
    Learn more
  • Information and Referrals

    CWDR helps you connect to the resources & information needed to best help you!
    Learn more
  • Peer Counseling & Peer Support

    Peer supporters serve as role models
    Learn more
  • Youth Transition Services

    Transition to secondary education or employment and much more
    Learn more
  • Institutional Transition & Diversion

    Move from institutions into community of your choice
    Learn more
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