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COVID- Notice

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CWDR will be scheduling consumers by appointment-only.

CWDR staff will still meet with consumers through the additional following methods as well.

1. Phone meetings

2. Video conferencing like Zoom or google meet.

Activities will be moved to sign up required offer both virtual and in-person check out the monthly calendar to see more details or reach out to Dan for more information. (

We understand that this may create frustrations and we do apologize. CWDR will do their best to accommodate meetings with consumers to the best of our ability. Should you need to schedule an appointment please call 509-962-9620. Help us decrease the spread of Covid-19, wear your mask, and practice social distancing so we may open our doors once again to the public.

If you need a face mask CWDR has a variety of different masks available that we are still handing out. Either call ahead or ring the bell at the door. Masks can also be shipped to your home.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. 


Our Mission

Central Washington Disability Resources advance the empowerment, inclusion, and wellness of all persons with disabilities through advocacy, community education, peer mentoring, and skill development so that they may realize independence and full participation in all areas of life. Learn what drives us to help others.

We understand the challenges of having disabilities

Our staff and board of directors include people with disabilities. So we have a unique insight into the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. In fact, our organizational rules require 51% of our staff and board of directors to be people with disabilities. We're "peers," not just "providers."

This gives us an advantage in providing services and resources to people with disabilities. We are highly motivated to take a personal interest in the people we help. We are committed to empowering them by identifying and obtaining housing, employment, medical care, and assistive technologies. We are passionate advocates for removing barriers to full involvement in their community. Meet our staff.

We have a history of assisting people with disabilities

We started this organization in 1981. And we've been working hard every day since then to promote the inclusion and wellness of persons with disabilities. We have helped hundreds of people to develop the skills and make the connections they need in order to be independent and fully participate in all areas of life. Learn more about our history.

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