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This program focuses on emergency preparedness for people with disabilities in Kittitas County. With emergencies such as COVID-19, our Disability Specialist, Sawyer Stearns, coordinates with the Public Health Department to input feedback and inclusion for all people in an emergency.

Advocating for more awareness for people with disabilities in an emergency is key and starts with preparedness. We help consumers make an evacuation plan in case of wildfires and floods (common in Kittitas County), and coordinate closely with other organizations and medical personnel through the A-Team. Our mission through this program is to provide more training, education, and awareness for people with disabilities in a disaster.

With this Program our Disability Specialist, Sawyer Stearns, advocates for more inclusive language in our emergency plans which include our EOP, mass shelters and vaccine testing sites. She works closely with consumers on home accessibility and advocacy with apartment complexes, assistive devices that allow individuals to perform daily functions with as much independence as possible, and advocacy to our emergency services on reducing barriers consumers are experiencing that are safety hazards and finding solutions for this issue. 


Qualifications for Emergency Preparedness Plans:

1. Must have a self-identified significant disability

2. Must be a Kittitas County resident (If you are located in any of our other 4 service area counties you can still create a plan with one of our IL Specialists listed below or refer to our other Emergency Preparedness Program)


Please contact Sawyer Stearns to begin your plan at:

Call: 509-962-9620

Available in these counties

  • Kittitas County

    Ellensburg, Cle Elum, Kittitas, Roslyn, Thorp, Vantage, Snoqualmie Pass, and Ronald.

    Select Kittitas County
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